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Why not bleach the white clothes?

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porque no lavar las prendas blancas en cloro


    If you are one of the people who uses chlorine to wash your linen, you should be careful, because chlorine can be very corrosive and can damage your clothes.

    When you use chlorine to bleach clothes, you accelerate their wear, as it is a chemical compound that can cause irreparable damage to clothes, for example:

    Some points to take care of when washing your clothes:

    How to take care of your white clothes?

    Clothes: If your clothes are already yellowed by the use or chlorine, do not worry, you can use stain remover, bleach without chlorine, Sodium bicarbonate or hydrogen peroxide as these products are functional to slightly return the white color; however, the use of chlorine is not recommended for the above points.

    Newly generated stains: It is best to treat it as quickly as possible. Apply some stain remover and water to the area where the dirt is located and rub the area with your fingers. Doing so will cause the stain to be removed or decrease in intensity. After this process it is advisable to wash your clothes as soon as possible.

    Using chlorine-free bleach on white garments

    An alternative to chlorine, is the oxygen bleach, which is softer and safer in all washable fabrics, serves to maintain whiteness, but not to restore it. To use, add directly to washing water before adding clothes. Do not pour powdered bleach directly onto wet clothes. Oxygen bleaches are most effective in hot water.

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