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upholstery fabrics

Tarpaulins / Canvas

In Fábrica María we make the best upholstery fabrics with the materials you may need, ideal for pets or the comfort you need for shoes.

Canvas is a flat woven fabric ideal to give weight and body to interlinings, linings and upholstery. You can use it in raw, dyed, starched, sublimated, printed in reagent so you can develop your projects with the best materials.

Canvas fabric is a traditional fabric with a 100% cotton composition known for its strength, great durability, anti-scratching and its multiple uses to create any accessory or garment that requires robustness and high resistance.

Upholstery fabrics


— 335 gr/m2


proceso de teñido para tela, loneta, canapina, franela, manta, toalla y muselina
Icono de proceso de impresión para loneta
Reactive printing
Acabado en afelpado para tela, loneta, manta, canapina, franela, toalla y muselina


Canvas fabrics are characterized by having a fabric made of unequal yarns, usually cotton and polyester, resulting in a very strong, rigid and resistant fabric. It would be similar to canvas, but much lighter and softer. The “Ultra Resistant” canvas is an anti-scratch fabric thanks to its ideal grammage for the manufacture of products for outdoor or heavy-duty use.


Anti-fluid velvet fabric, can be printed, easy to clean and ideal for animal friendly, long lasting use.


Receive detailed information about our upholstery fabrics. Our advisors will solve all your doubts to place your first order.