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Fabrics supplier


Fábrica María is a supplier of fabrics for various textile sectors, such as clothing, footwear or crafts and embroidery.

In everyday life various types of fabrics and textiles are used that give it certain characteristics and endow it with personality.

We manufacture fabrics for a wide range of sectors and various uses.


Linen, blanket and twill fabrics for the manufacture of garments or industrial uniforms.
The fabric is the main component of most garments.

Bags / tote bag

Fabrics with plush finishes, dyed or without any kind of processing for the production of bags.
Fabric bags are reusable and resistant.


Canapins, flannel, or gabardines used mainly in the manufacture of footwear.
They can help to give consistency to a fabric. Joining fabrics without the need for seams.

Hospital / Medical sector

Percale, indiolio or bramante 280/300 textile material for the manufacture of gowns, sheets or uniforms for the health sector.

Embroidery / handicrafts

Textiles such as bonded fabric, etamine or quadrille marquiset designed for embroidery.
It is used as a work guide in fabrics with irregular or difficult to distinguish weft.

Waxed Canvas

Flat woven slabs for use as interlining, lining or upholstery.
Canvas is a plain weave fabric usually made of cotton and, to a lesser extent, linen.


Bramante, percale or indiolino fabrics for the manufacture of bed sheets are composed of 100% cotton or a combination of cotton and polyester.


Indiolino and gabardine fabric, for the manufacture of surgical uniforms and industrial uniforms.


High quality textile products and services. Contact us and learn more about our designs and special orders.