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What is flannel and what is this fabric for?

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    We often hear about flannel in terms of clothing and decoration, but what are the uses and characteristics of this fabric? We discovered the multiple uses of flannel and the advantages of choosing this versatile material.

    The characteristics of the flannel

    It is made of wool, cotton, synthetic fibers or a mixture of these products. It is usually described as a medium weight fabric that is soft to the touch. This softness is generated when the material is brushed during the production process, causing the tiny fibers to rise slightly, resulting in a soft or spongy finish.

    Flannel fabric is available in various colors and patterns, a process that is achieved through printing processes and dyes.

    The cotton flannel is the most popular choice for everyday clothes, especially in casual style: shirts, pajamas and children’s clothes that stand out for the great comfort that provides the user. Some sheets are also made of cotton flannel to give freshness to the body at bedtime.

    Wool flannel is widely used in men’s clothing to make very elegant costumes or individual items such as refined pants. Flannel diplomatic stripe dresses are distinguished by the presence of equidistant vertical stripes and are made in dark colors, such as gray.

    How to Prevent Flannel from Fraying

    It is indispensable that in the choice of fabric always observe the quality of the material, fabric and strength to prevent flannel fraying during sewing or use. It is recommended to use cotton to be resistant, light, soft and warm; Also, it is advisable to cut the fabric with a size suitable for sewing and make a line of zigzag stitches along the edges of when joining the pieces as this will give better resistance to the garment and prevent it from undoing.

    Tips and tricks for sewing flannel fabrics

    The advice for a good sewing is to start from a very simple design and use an always new needle, with a sewing machine always perfectly clean.

    To avoid creating holes, it is better to use a smooth tracking wheel to mark, rather than the ray wheel. We keep the seams curved and use a foot to hold the layers of fabric during the seam. To stabilize the flannel spray the bottom of the fabric with starch spray.

    Final thoughts

    Now that you’ve learned all there is to know about flannel, it’s time to start your next project. At Fábrica Maria, we offer a wide range of fabrics, which means you will surely find a perfect fabric.

    Our flannel is perfect for cleaning, footwear, sheets or blankets for babies. If you want more information or have any questions about the products we offer, feel free to contact us today!

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