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Textile maquiladoras in puebla

Textile manufacturing

In Fábrica María we have the service of textile maquiladoras in Puebla for your projects. If you have your own materials and require us to support you with any of our services, we can do it. Just have at hand the specifications you require, the technical specifications of the materials you want us to work with, we will gladly review your project and present you our proposal.

maquiladoras textiles en puebla urdido de hilos


The warping process integrates the accumulation of a predetermined number of strands of yarn from various cones, joining them into warp sheets or blocks.

Maquila de tejidos-maquiladoras textiles en puebla


It is based on taking raw materials and transforming them into long and strong yarns, which will be used to produce various types of garments in the future.

Maquila de sublimado y laminado-maquiladoras textiles en puebla

Sublimation and lamination

Its characteristics are favorable for both mass production and product customization.

Maquila de estampado e impresión en reactivo-maquiladoras textiles en puebla

Reactive printing and embossing

Textile printing is the process of fixing color on fabric to create uniform decorative patterns.


Receive detailed information about our textile maquila services. Our consultants will answer all your questions.