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What is canvas? Properties and uses

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    Canvas fabric, known for its strength and versatility, is a textile with several practical uses that can range from painters to designers.

    What is canvas fabric?

    It is a fabric made of flat fabric with taffeta ligaments and heel. In ancient times they were made with hemp or flax yarn and were used for boat sails because of the great strength and weight they give; Nowadays, they are mainly made of cotton or we can even find them in composition with polyester and has made its way in the markets of fashion, painting and tents.

    9 ways to use canvas fabrics

    The canvas fabric is incredibly versatile and has different functions, these are some of its most popular functions:

    • Tents

      The canvas is ideal for building shelters; it is a popular material for tents and other camping supplies such as teepees.

    • Bags

      Canvas are used for creating handbags, tote bags, backpacks. The canvas is durable and waterproof, which makes the canvas bags ideal for everyday use.

    • Shoes

      They can be used as a view, an example is in boot type tennis and espadrilles; equally as lining inside the footwear or even for surgical boot.

    • Paint

      Used for painting canvas, using a imprimatur, mounted on a wooden frame, ideal for works of art.

    • Cycleromas

      Canvases are popular with photographers for use as backdrops because they are lightweight and easy to carry.

    • Coatings

      Many industries, including the military and construction industries, waterproof fabrics are used as a cover for everything from boats to doors.

    • Clothing

      Industrial coats and uniforms are usually made of canvas. The durable and waterproof qualities make it ideal also for camping and sailing.

    • Furniture

      It is used for upholstery furniture because its strength and durability lends well for repeated use.

    • Candles

      Boat sails were originally made of canvas, although today most sails are made of synthetic sail fabric.

    In Fábrica Maria we specialize in the production of canvas in 100% cotton and in different weights, ideal for all your projects.

    How to care for canvas

    The care of the tarp depends on whether it has any treatment or not. Waxed canvas fabrics, for example, cannot get into the washer or dryer without running the risk of melting the wax. Be sure to check garment labels or care labels before washing the canvas. For dyed or raw canvas, use a gentle cycle with warm water, taking care not to mix light – dark colors as they can get to slide. In addition, we recommend using a mild detergent and preferably it should be air dried to care for the fibers.


    Canvas is one of the most useful and widespread fabrics in the modern world. It has endured throughout history for its usefulness. From art to clothing, tents and sailboats.

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