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The best fabrics for crafts

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    Artisans know that fabric is the heart and soul of any sewing project, so it is important to choose wisely the product to use in your project. When a new craftsman arises, it is difficult for him to choose the right fabric to make his crafts, so they need advice or guidance to guide them in choosing the best material according to their needs.

    1.- The best fabrics of each type of craft

    1.1.- Dolls of fabric

    To make dolls, you should look for a fabric between 150 and 180 gr/m2 and with a closed fabric. If the fabric is too thin, it may not be strong enough to retain the padding and there is a risk of tearing; if it is too thick, it may be difficult to manipulate the fabric for embroidery or sewing. Some linen fabrics have a loose fabric that frays easily, which makes them more difficult to sew and more likely to tear when stuffed so it is recommended to be in 100% cotton; in addition, linen is generally more expensive than cotton.

    1.2.- Embroidery and sewing

    When it comes to choosing the right fabric for embroidery, it is best to stay away from synthetics and opt for natural fibers. There are fabrics with different frames per inch to make your embroidery uniform and according to your needs. Mainly, these fabrics are used in white, bone, old white as the base of the fabric makes highlight the colors of the yarns or yarns to embroider

    Here we leave you the list of the most used fabrics for this type of craft.

    1.2.1. - Aida fabric

    Aida fabric is popular among cross stitches because of its easy-to-count square pattern, but can also be used for counted yarn, Assisi stitch or surface embroidery techniques.

    This fabric is woven with fibers that form squares easy to follow on the fabric. With cross stitch, a stitch is worked on each square and is available in a wide range of solid colors.

    1.2.2. - Etamine fabric

    Etamine is often referred to as a kind of cotton cloth in the textile world. It is made of cotton and is used for making all kinds of embroidery and is very pleasant to work with the touch.

    1.2.3. - Quadrille fabric

    The quadrille, or also called marquiset, is a cotton fabric mainly used for cross-stitch embroidery, used for handmade embroidery and can be included in garments such as guayaberas or shirts. It is also used for embroidery of napkins, tablecloths and decorative items for the home.

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