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The Cotton Fiber

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Fibra de algodón


    Cotton is a vegetable textile fiber that grows around the seeds of the cotton plant in a bush. This fiber is often transformed into yarn to make fabrics that can have many uses. For example, to make clothing, household products, geotextiles, tarpaulins and industrial canvas, interlacing and many more.

    Its importance

    Cotton, for its multiple qualities, is the textile fiber with greater acceptance in the world for the use of clothing. It is a natural product that gives benefits to many components of society; from farmers in the field, through the entire production chain: despepites, manufacturers, garments and retailers. ; in addition, they take advantage of their edible natural oils and seed as fodder.

    Properties and advantages

    • Soft

      It has a soft and pleasant touch, this provides great comfort.

    • Heat-insulating

      Its low thermal conductivity, allows to stay cool in the heat and warm in the cold.

    • Breathable

      This property of cotton allows fabrics to easily absorb sweat so skin has access to breathe without problems.

    • Durable

      Cotton products are very durable and easy to wash.

    • Versatile

      Cotton easily fits multiple uses and functions.

    • Ecological

      It is an environmentally friendly product.

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